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Plastic Bag in Ocean

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint:

Understanding the Cost of Mitigating Emissions

Our carbon emission calculator offers valuable insights into your individual and family's carbon footprint, enabling you to comprehend the environmental impact of your daily activities. By providing simple inputs, you can uncover your emissions across key areas such as household electricity consumption and transportation. Additionally, gain a deeper understanding of the cost to offset your emissions. It is estimated that by 2030, the value of an offset credit will be 0.162 Euro per kilogram.

After calculating the total kilograms of carbon emissions, multiply it by 0.162 Euro to determine the Euro value of the carbon credits needed to offset your footprint. This "value" represents the estimated cost associated with mitigating carbon emissions through various environmental projects, such as planting forests, farming seaweed, and other green initiatives. Carbon traders have devised this figure as an average cost, encompassing expenses related to these projects' overheads and implementation. If you are interested in contributing to a project/initiative that mitigates your footprint, learn more about our initiatives. We are also pleased to announce our special project to name an acre plot of sea bed destined for sea grass planting. To learn more about our efforts and how you can contribute, visit our partner site: 

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